Green Initiatives

The team at BLES is aware that people, animals, and the environment are connected and dependant on each other.

Our mission focuses on Thai elephants and we are equally passionate about preserving the lush, dense forest that BLES elephants call home.

BLES has secured approximately 750 acres of natural forest for the elephants , making sure that it is safe forever from being burned to clear a way for farm crops or destroyed for housing. Our elephants can forage in a natural environment, and the ecosystem existing on BLES’s land can continue to thrive . 

In addition, the pesticides used in crop farming are just as harmful to the environment as they are to an elephant’s digestive system. Consumption of pesticides can lead to constipation, a leading cause of death in captive elephants. BLES has created a programme encouraging our local farmers to plant grass instead of corn, as it is healthier for the elephants and does not require pesticides. Farming grass is much less work and costs much less money for the farmers, so many welcomed the change.

BLES is constantly striving to lower its impact on the environment. Plans for the future include installing a solar energy system, and turning our most abundant resource - elephant dung - into paper.