Mee Chok

Mee Chok (Blessed) was just twenty months old when BLES successfully rescued him. Previously known as Pheung Yai (Bumble Bee), this baby elephant had known nothing but the inside of the filthy shack he was chained and shackled in. He was snatched away from his birth mother when he was just a few months old, so that the owners could start breaking him in. He was put with another adult female who showed no interest in him and he was never allowed out of the broken down stable. Chained, shackled, and highly distressed, Mee Chok had wounds on his face and ears, was dehydrated, and thin. He was lashing out all over the place, angry and confused by being confined and restricted.

Katherine shared the plight of ‘Pheung Yai’ on Facebook and hundreds of people instantly took the baby elephant into their hearts. Photos and messages were sent around the world and donations flooded in for his rescue.

A large contribution was generously made by The Elephant’s Umbrella Fund, and in just two weeks, the total funds needed to save ‘Pheung Yai’ were successfully raised!

This little elephant is now embarking on a new life, in a new home, with a new family — it is a brand new start for him. So, it was only right he should be awarded a new name. Pheung Yai was christened (Plai) Mee Chok which means ‘Blessed’ upon his arrival at BLES. This was an obvious name choice for Katherine and Anon. They were inspired by the hundreds of people who came together and played a part in this rescue. Blessed to have your friendships, blessed to have your support, and blessed to have the elephants.

Mee Chok was instantly adopted by Pang Tong and Lom and the three of them are never more than touching distance apart. The transformation in Mee Chok has been incredible. In less than 24 hours, that frightened and aggressive baby was gone. Comfortable with human touch and surrounded by loving elephants, Mee Chok has proved to us all what it means to be truly blessed.

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