Naamfon was rescued by BLES on 24th October 2014. Aged 63 years, she had been working as a trekking elephant, giving rides to tourists for 10 years. Before that, she had worked as a logging elephant. Her life at the camp in Pattaya was one of hard work and deprivation — when not giving rides, she was chained on two legs by very short chains and was kept in a very small and narrow pen, so she was unable to move around and was prone to “stereotyping” – swaying continually from side to side — a sure sign of stress. Every aspect of her life was controlled, she had no freedom of any kind, not even able to scratch, because to do so would have probably knocked her shelter down. Water was scarce, so her “shower” consisted of a few buckets of water thrown over her.

The BLES team spent the day at the camp with her, bringing a huge truckload of bananas for all of the elephants there and clothes and toys for the mahouts and their children. We left in the early evening, avoiding the heat of the day and travelled home to BLES, arriving just as the new day dawned, and the start of a new life for Naamfon. Our new quarantine area had been blessed by the monks the day before, ready for her arrival, and a huge heart shaped feast of fruit was awaiting her. Overwhelmed at first, she soon tucked in with relish, and spent her first few days exploring, getting used to freedom and enjoying lots and lots of long, luxurious showers — and lots of scratching. Naamfon has thrived at BLES. She is a lovely, friendly lady and is so obviously loving her new life that she spreads an aura of joy wherever she goes.

We are so grateful to all who contributed towards her rescue - the amazing BLES supporters from all over the world  and the fundraiser set up by BLEAF BoonLotts Elephants Asia Foundation.

17th October 2015 - our Darling Naamfon passed away.

What a strong willed lady she was. There was no indication that she was nearing the end of her life - she strode out with her determined walk each day and truly loved her time in the forest. It took her a good few days to believe that she was finally free to do whatever she wanted, when we brought her home to BLES a year before- but she soon made up for last time and covered herself in mud and scratched to her hearts content.

She was the most beautiful and inspiring lady. We loved her deeply.

Sleep well beautiful Naamfon

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