This majestic bull in his sixties came to BLES in December 2015 along with three other bulls who were living locally in our community. Although he was once used for dragging heavy logs out of the forest, Nwon grew tired of work and began lashing out against the people and elephants around him. This behaviour left him isolated and unwanted, deemed “too aggressive” to approach.

While the team at BLES wants to ensure the safety of all people and elephants at the sanctuary, we also believe it is important to offer care to elephants with a reputation like this, because if Nwon did not find a forever home at BLES, where would he live?  

Nwon was sold without our knowledge to a dealer in Surin in September 2016 for a large sum of money. A strong young bull like him would fetch a good price, and his owner could not resist the offer made. You can read more about that story here:

We were shocked and deeply disappointed by this betrayal, and our supporters shared that anger - they demanded that we go and get him back, so we contacted the new owner, who obviously wanted to make some profit on his recent purchase, and we negotiated a good price, under the circumstances.

A fundraiser was launched, and in no time, we had raised the money. We are profoundly grateful to each and everyone who donated to his rescue - our supporters would not rest until they knew his future was safe once more.

Thank you to BLEAF ( Boon Lotts Elephants Asia Foundation ) for helping us raise the funds for his rescue.
 Nwon returned to BLES 21st October and wasted no time getting back to his sweethearts Pang Noi and Pang Suai, who happily shared his enormous fruit freedom feast and then went for a long walk in the forest together. Bliss.

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