Pang Suai

Pang Suai (Miss Beautiful) is in her thirties and one of the newer members join the BLES family.

Standing true to her name, Pang Suai is a physically stunning elephant. She is large and strong, but sadly these attributes have worked against her. Her super size and strength means that she has been overworked and subjected to extreme levels of stress for most of her life. Forced to pull piles of logs to feed mans’ greed, Pang Suai often had to work under dangerous conditions that resulted in a serious accident which left her right hind leg broken in half. Despite her pain and disability, Pang Suai was made to continue working. The leg miraculously healed well, leaving the elephant with only a small limp.

Katherine was contacted directly by Pang Suai’s owner in December 2009. He admitted to having worked his elephant in unfair conditions and wanted to give her a better life to thank her for her years of hard labour. He knew that Pang Suai would be well cared for at BLES and she would finally be able to enjoy the company of other rescued elephants.

Katherine contacted her core supporters and told them of Pang Suai’s plight. People were deeply touched by the obvious strength of this elephant, who persevered through the pain of her injury and the funds became to flood in. Donations were kindly made by, Jan and Dave Tunks, Belinda Ogley, Philip Flanders, Derek and Shirley Baker, and Marylou Hecht.

Pang Suai’s arrival at BLES in January 2010 was the perfect way to start the new year. She was an instant hit with the female elephants, becoming an auntie to our youngest elephant, Star, as well as a firm friend to both Pang Noi and Pang Tong. As ex-logging elephants themselves, perhaps they related to Pang Suai’s past. She is now still close friends with Pang Noi and since the passing of Pang Tong, has become a loving motherly figure to Lom.

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