The BLES team learned so much from Permpoon’s rescue. We learned the importance of being patient. We learned to never give up. We learned that we have a community of generous,compassionate people supporting our work from all over the world.
We met Permpoon in Chiang Mai, where this fuzzy elephant in her sixties was secured to a tree on a short length of chain. She didn’t have any shade or any other elephants around her. Working as a riding elephant for many years had made her thin and weak, so her owner withdrew her from camp life so he could get her strong again and put her back to work.

However, her owner was a farmer and didn’t have any time to dedicate to Permpoon, so she stood there, bored, hungry, and isolated.

There were many delays in rescuing Permpoon owing to red tape and difficulties in navigating the Thai bureaucratic system. Every bump in the road was worth it to see the strong, confident being that has blossomed from the distressed elephant we first met in Chiang Mai. 

Rescued, finally, on 23rd October 2015, Permpoon was in a very bad way - emaciated, dehydrated, suffering form a very  painful wound on her head caused by sunburn, it took her a long time to learn to trust any human and for her to be able to relax and believe that her life had changed and she was now free to be the wonderful, beautiful elephant she was born to be.
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Permpoon has formed a very special bond with her mahout, Phi Dam, and loves splashing down at the river with the other older females. 

The BLES Supporters are a worldwide family that comes together in a crisis. Their support, love and generosity made this rescue possible and gave Permpoon freedom, safety, love and peace in her final year of life. Huge thanks go to BLEAF ( Boon Lotts Elephants Asia Foundation ) for raising the funds via Just Giving for her rescue.

Tragically, our darling Permpoon passed away on 26th December 2016.

We are all heartbroken and miss her more than we could ever say, but, she is at peace now, at rest beside Sontaya, Sao Noi and Naamfon - her BLES sisters.

You can read about her last days here


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