Seedor Gam

Seedor Gam has spent most of his 30 plus years hauling logs in the notoriously tough logging trade. His home was Baan Tuek, the neighboring village to BLES. In early 2011, Seedor Gam’s owners approached BLES, saying they wanted to sell their bull, retire him and purchase a tractor. BLES immediately jumped into action to help the handsome bull and the funds were quickly sourced. Everything was going to plan, until the family of the owner intervened and refused to retire Sedor Gam. Family politics ruled and BLES eventually had to walk away from the discussions. BLES founder Katherine worked hard to maintain an open and positive relationship with the owners.

When Seedor Gam was attacked by another bull in 2012, BLES was there to offer assistance. It was decided that Seedor Gam should be sent to the elephant hospital in Lampang for x-rays to determine the extent of his injuries. BLES happily covered the cost of transportation and were glad to be able to support both the elephant and his owners. Less than a month later, the owners once again approached BLES about retiring Seedor Gam. When asked how much they wanted to sell him for, they replied he was not for sale… they wanted to donate their elephant to BLES indefinitely! Katherine and Anon were overjoyed. Everyday, they strive to educate the locals about treating their privately owned elephants with kindness and respect. The donation of Seedor Gam is a true testament that BLESis making the right impression and making a positive difference, one elephant at a time.

 Sadly and unexpectedly, Seedor Gam died October 2012 of an infection transmitted by horseflies. Despite his relatively short time at BLES, we are comforted by the memories of him enjoying life as an elephant should.

Some muddy BLES elephants for you to enjoy - wonder if Seedor Gam would have joined in with these joyful antics xx 

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