Somai is a rare case of an elephant donation and was the first arrival to BLES. One of the few lucky elephants left in Thailand, he was used for sustainable logging and well cared for by his village owners.

During the hot season, forest fires are a constant worry in Thailand. They erupt without warning and devastate acres of land within minutes. Somai became trapped in a fierce evening fire and bravely alerted the sleeping villagers. The villagers worked to save their bull, although many felt he had surely succumbed to the fires. He was discovered the next morning covered in smoldering ash.

Miraculously alive, he was dangerously weak with third degree burns covering his body. Somai was transported to the elephant hospital where his burns were treated and he recovered within six months. The concerned villagers made the decision to retire him from the logging trade permanently.

Katherine was thrilled when the villagers informed her that as a token of their unconditional faith in her, they would donate Somai to BLES. The mental anguish that Somai endured in the fire can only be estimated, but the physical scars can
be clearly seen. His delicate skin tears easily and his once magnificent ears are now reduced to strips of hide. Despite his ordeal, Somai is still as sweet natured
as ever.

Our Darling Somai, adored and respected by all, sadly passed away on November 3rd 2015.

Dignified and awesome in death, as in life, his passing affected us all deeply. The entire village came to pay their respects and say farewell to a hero and a legend.

There are not many bulls in this world that have invoked so much love and respect as Somai did. The fact that he died a natural death, out in the forest, at peace with himself and the world , is a blessing for us and a testament to what we do here at BLES.

Rest in Peace Somai.

You are missed.

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