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Items We Need - Our Wishlist

All BLES funds — those that have been donated by our generous supporters as well as fees from visiting guests — go immediately to the care and feeding of our elephants and other Sanctuary animals.

We have an ongoing wish list of items that we need to purchase for the care of our animals and the running ofBLES, but somehow we never seem to be able to accrue those extra funds. Below is our list of just some of the things that would help us in our work and make our animals very happy. Please consider helping us. The donation of and/or towards any of these items would be hugely appreciated.

Please consider helping us.

150,000.00 THB Elephant Rescue Fund

BLES frequently comes across elephants in need of immediate rescuing but because we have no safety net of funds, we are often unable to help. Time is a critical factor in these rescues and if we had a deposit amount on reserve, we would be able to act quickly to purchase these elephants. $5000 / ₤3087 is a suggested donation.

90,000.00 THB Land Fund

Opportunity to buy land that comes up for sale is often missed because funds cannot be sourced quickly enough. $3000 / ₤1860 is a suggested donation to use as a deposit to hold the land until we can raise the full amount.

1,400,000.00 THB River Land

This land is on the far side of the river that snakes through the forest. BLES currently owns nothing on that side and is hoping to buy this particular parcel immediately to improve the welfare of our elephants. Our elephants frequently bathe in the river and it is natural for them to want to explore what is on the other side, but we currently have to pull them back every time.

100,000.00 THB Musthing Stable

To be used by local elephant owners without the means to care for their musthing bulls. The bulls are destroying trees and we are out of suitable areas to secure them while they are in this hormonal and dangerous state. The environment is being damaged for other elephants and compromising their natural food sources and shade.

60,000.00 THB Parking Area

We would like to build a garage-type hut so that visitors do not need to drive through our property and compromise the safety of our elephants, small animals, and children.

7,500.00 THB Fruit of the Month

Bananas, mangos, breadfruit are among our elephant’s favorites. Need we say more!

20,000.00 THB Solar Lights

Solar lighting in the elephant stables would help us when having to treat sick elephants during the night. Wiring electricity around the stables could be hazardous and potentially very dangerous.

1,000.00 THB Neutering Stray Dogs and Cats

There are too many neglected and unwanted dogs and cats living on the streets of Thailand. BLES wants to play an active role in population control but needs your financial support to make this possible. Cost is per animal.

2,500.00 THB Mahout of the Month

In recognition of the hard work performed daily by our mahouts, BLES is acknowledging their commitment to handling the elephants in a more humane way. Every month a deserving mahout who outshines the rest will be nominated and granted a monetary reward

700.00 THB Dictionaries

Thai to English dictionaries would be of invaluable use to our mahouts who are very interested in communicating with our guests.

500.00 THB Uniforms

Our mahouts are so proud of their uniforms that they are hesitant to wear them for fear of getting them dirty. An extra pair would allow them to wear a pair and have a spare.

4000.00 THB Dog and Cat Medical Fund

The more our feline and canine family grows, the more our expenses rise. The trip to our local vet is costly in terms of both petro, medicine, and fees. We are committed to spaying, neutering, and keeping our animals up to date with vaccinations.

Medical supplies for elephants 10,000 THB+